Thursday, February 19, 2009

EasyBoot Gloves and the Fit Kit

I have my fit kit for the Easyboot Gloves and my horses are ready to roll in their correctly fitted boots. Of course the trails are very slick from all of the rain, so haven't had a chance to go out yet with the new boots. The Fit Kit was so helpful. When I measured my horses' hooves, the size that I measured the hoof would fit into was too big. So I put the fit kit shells on and was able to figure out what size works best for each hoof. Interesting, and convenient, all 4 of my riding horses wear a 1.5 on their front hooves. I put a 1 on their back hooves, which looked good on everyone, but I also tried a 0.5, and that looked even better on 2 of the horses. It is so nice to have the shells to try on, and the half sizes really give you a tight, flush, correct fit to the hoof. I am anxious to ride in these more and see if the gaiters rub or not on the pasterns. From my initial test, I really liked this boot, and was blown away with the simplicity, traction, and flushness. They seem to be performing well in long distance events.