Monday, January 21, 2008

Rain has a new home

My little 2 and a half year old Spanish Arabian gelding found a new home this weekend with his older full brother, Mario. Summer bought Mario last year and she loves him and wanted his clone, so she took Rain home this weekend. I am so sad to see Rain go, but he will live with his brother, he will stay barefoot, and he gets natural horsemanship. Summer does Parelli and learns from a fantastic horsewoman, Dawn Batti. Dawn has studied under amazing horsemen, and she is so light and soft with the horses. I don't think Rain could have possibly found a better home. Good luck Summer! I can't wait to go riding with you and see my boys on the trail. I thought my herd would be sad, but they seem quite content and quiet in the barn tonight.

Equine Affair

I am going to the Equine Affair on Jan. 31 through Feb 3. Flying down to Burbank and spending time with my trimmer friend Tamara at her new house. Can't wait for the shopping at the Equine Affair. Apparently the American Farrier's Association is doing a presentation on Barefoot Horses. This should be interesting.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Natural Cellular Defense - NCD

If you have vaccinated your horse, ever, you have put mercury into thier bodies.... along with the miscellaneous other heavy metals that your horse may have pick up from the water, food, or environment, your horse may be toxic. And you may be too, from vaccinations, cleaning chemicals, environment, etc. NCD is a product that removes toxins from your body. I take it and sell it.

Here is an article about NCD.

If you do not get the toxins out of your body, it does not matter if you are ingesting the most powerful supplements in the world. Why? Because toxins go in the body just like a nutrient does. They have a positive charge just like nutrients. The toxin has a higher charge so the body grabs it before the nutrient. As an example, if Lead and Calcium enter the body at the same time, the body will grab the lead thinking it is calcium. The lead has a higher plus charge. The body does not know or understand the difference. It is chemistry. Problem is, once they (toxins) go in the body they don't just come out, they grab onto receptor sites. They get stuck in bones, tissue, cells, in your brain. If your body ingests too many toxins you no longer can absorb nutrients. Our food is already so mineral deficient that we are compromised as it is. Think of all the chemicals and preservatives in processed foods. Grab a box and read the label. That isn't even the half of it. Think about the toxins in your cleaning supplies, in the water you drink and better yet as you sit in traffic and breath the car exhaust fumes....Different toxin exposure is linked to specific illness, such as high aluminum is linked to Alzheimer's. Mercury is linked to ADD, ADHD, Autism and Lead is linked to calcium deficiency which is linked to osteoporosis.

Natural Cellular Defense has negative charge and pulls out the toxins. It is a critical part of helping the body heal itself. I believe in helping people with the "whole picture." Imagine refrigerator magnets. There is always the magnet that falls down easily and then there is the one that holds 15 pieces of paper. Natural Cellular Defense (a Zeolite mineral) is the stronger magnet. It grabs and pulls the toxin into it's cage and then it is excreted out via urination.
Once you remove these toxins from your body you can choose to take the Essential Daily Nutrient drink to replenish the body with much needed vitamins and minerals, even if you choose not to your own nutrition plan will work better now that the toxins have been removed. Receptor sites are freed up and the body now is able to absorb much needed nutrients. Once on this protocol for a few months you will find that people notice a huge difference-for the better in how they feel on a daily basis. Myself, family and friends all report-more energy-better sleep-needing less sleep-mental clarity and focus and fewer aches and pains-almost feeling 5 years younger! Be patient and persistent. You did not feel the toxins going into your body and you might not feel them going out. I strongly recommend you do some research and find out how much of a PREVENTATIVE THIS WELLNESS PROGRAM IS! DETOX 10-15 DROPS 3 X A DAY- SIMPLE! Drink lots of water.
This is the real deal and a real good thing for our planet. There is a yin and yang in nature and this is natures own answer for our toxins to be cleaned up..


My equine dentist, Spencer LaFlure, suggested that I look at Silver Lining Herbs... I had forgotten about this and just read this month's Natural Horse magazine, and one of the articles suggested Silver Lining Herbs for joint issues. I am always looking for natural products that will help my horses, so I went to the web site, and spoke with a few people on the the phone today. They have an endurance herb mix that I am going to put the girls on, a joint mix for my arthritic dogs, a overall mix for my youngsters and retired horse.... a bunch of mixes I am going to try for my animals. I'll let you know what I think. These herbs are in addition to their regular minerals, CA Trace Plus.

Got Power

We finally got our power turned back on, but unfortunately a PG&E worker lost his life trying to do so. Got electrocuted. scary. We have a generator so we are ready in the future. The weather is looking great this week, highs in the 60s.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No Power

Sorry if I have delayed responding to emails and phone calls, our power has been out since Friday morning and the phone service is on/off. Finally got a generator that is running the well and just about everything in our house, including the computers. The good news out of this fiasco is that we also bought a smaller generator for our horse trailer that will run a microwave, heater, hot plate, and many other electric items, so now I am not as set on getting a living quarters trailer after all. Power company says still another couple days to get us power, this is after their Press statement yesterday that said everyone in the Sacramento area has power.... hmm... I wonder about that.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Death Valley

Logan and I had a blast!! We both finished 2 50 mile rides and one 25 mile ride for 125 miles total in 3 days. This was quite a feat - Logan had never ridden a 50 before, and he really enjoyed himself, and Feather had only done 1 50 previous. The girls look like they have been standing in the pasture for days and haven't done a thing. That is awesome, and what I think endurance is all about. We finished our 50s with a ride time of about 8 and a half hours. The terrain was so rocky - volcanic rock - mixed with areas of sand that we could move out on - but the majority was rock.

We foamed on Easyboots in the front and foamed Bares with no gators on the backs. Feather lost one hind boot, so I had to replace it with a regular Bare for the rides. A buckle sheared off on a front boot, so we had to pull the whole buckle and cable off the boot and ride with no hardware, but surprisingly, that boot stayed on the whole week. Annie lost both of her front foamed on boots, so she ended up with regular Epics with pads for the rides on her fronts. Also a bungee broke on her hind boot, so we just unscrewed it but the Easyfoam kept the boot adhered to the hoof well. I think I had trouble with the foam because it was really cold here when I foamed them and I don't think the foam set up properly. Next time, I will make sure that I bring the foam inside to warm it and mix it and probably work with the horses in a warm garage instead of a cold barn.

I really liked the atmosphere of the multi-days - it was geared towards finishing slower, with a horse that is ready to go the next day, not racing your horse too fast. We really liked it! I think we may need to get a new trailer with living quarters if we are going to do more of these type of rides. Oh, there were wild burros on the trail! Lots of burro poop and hoof prints. I saw a band of wild horses as we were driving home. A kit fox stole our dog food one night - he even stole the cans! The horses backs looked fabulous with their Freeform saddles with Haf pads. Highly recommend them!! We learned so much about our horses this week, and I was so proud to see Logan and Annie be successful!

Some photos that Karen Chaton took are here - we are in the front of the series and the back of the series:

My favorite is this one:

and this one: