Monday, April 20, 2009

Lucy Found a New Home

Tamara Cisek, my trimmer friend extraordinaire, took Lucy home with her! Their personalities are a perfect fit! Tamara is an advanced Parelli student, and Lucy and her worked wonderfully together. I am so happy that all of the foundatation work that Lucy has will be put to good work. Tamara was looking for her next all round super horse, and Lucy has that in her to be versitile and fun. Good luck Tamara and Lucy!! A happy end for the Mustang Makeover Finalist! This was the best home she could ever want.

What I've Been Up Too

So Princess, my 22 year old mare, and I have done 2 limited distance rides this year - a 30 miler at the Rides of March, and a 25 miler at the Nevada Derby. I have a blast riding her. She goes so fast, I love it. Her trot is huge, she is steady, and fun to ride. At Nevada Derby I sponsored my 9 year old student on her first ride with her 25 year old horse. We had so much fun! I love the energy of younger people. So in the moment, not worried about what ifs....

Only problem - Princess is skinny right now and I have a hard time putting weight on her. I hope the hay bags help. I started Cocosoya Oil too and more alfalfa, beet pulp, and senior feed. What would help is to pull her out into her own pasture and free choice her there. But the problem is she really needs other horses for her mental and emotional fitness. She doesn't like being alone. So I put her in a stall for a couple hours a day, enough to get her alfalfa and bucket finished, then out she goes with the herd. Let me know if you have any suggestions. All my other horses are fat, so none of them would do well on unlimited hay....

Boots - Rides of March I rode in Gloves, worked well, got a little gaiter rub, and then Nevada Derby rode in Renegades. Perfect, no rubbing. This horse is so sensitive that the Renegades work best and don't rub.

Feather - she doesn't like to go fast and I don't think I'll be doing endurance any more with her. She is a mountain horse, loves to camp, eat grass, and climb rocks and all the Sierra stuff, but fast endurance rides - not her thing.

Luigi, my 5 year old, will be a great horse. I will be riding him next year at rides, multidays and such. So you probably won't see me around much this year with endurance, but maybe next year.

Hay Bags

I have always wanted to "free choice" hay feed my horses, but when I open a bale of hay and set it out, the horses always lay down in it and use it as a potty. So I get a lot of waste, and a lot of hay gorging. So Tamara Cisek, trimmer extraordinaire from Southern CA, came over last week and brought with her a very fine mesh hay net. We filled it full with hay, and the horses took a long tim to eat through it because the holes were so small. No waste, no pottying, and the horses were engaged with it all day and night. They were also only getting small mouthfulls, not gorging themselves. Horses in the wild would just take small bites, chew well, and move to the next area. You can hang the hay bags low so the horse is not eating high. The mesh is so small, that hooves won't get stuck. And they are cheap - $10 a bag. You can put 3 flakes or so in each bag. You only have to fill them once a day if you have enough. I bought 6 and will put them all over my property. People say this is a good way to slow down an obese horse to take weight off, and a fast way to put on weight for a skinny horse, like Princess. So well see how it goes. Also works well for goats, which I have plenty of.

Here is a link to a good place to buy the bags: