Thursday, September 24, 2009

Parelli Level Three Pass

This year, I have been working on my horsemanship.... we put in an arena and I have been focusing on my relationship with my girls, mostly Anna and Feather, and building Luigi's confidence. I have been playing mostly with the new Parelli Patterns system. I like it because it is a blueprint - something to follow step by step everyday, and I have been getting horses that love it! They come running to me in the pasture when I call for them, they stay by my side, and they want to be the "chosen" one. They are more confident and are having fun when we are playing together. Not robotic, and they are certainly not being drilled, which was a criticism of the older Parelli system. My horses are truly happy and having fun!

So I sent in my Level Three Audition videos for fun, just to see where I was at, and sure enough, they all came back with a Pass! So I am now an official Level Three graduate, which is quite an accomplishment and something I have been working on for three years or so with Anna.

Here are our videos on YouTube - they are not great, not practiced, but rather, just a session filmed of me playing with Anna:

Next year, Feather and I are going to spend a month at Parelli, and work towards Level 4 and also the professionals program.

Yes, I do give lessons and will take horses in for starting and training... One of the benefits of being a hoof trimmer is that I have worked with a lot of different horse personalities and I have experience in what works for each. I really look at myself as a horse-human relationship counselor. I can see how to understand your horse more, and to make the interaction with your horse much more enjoyable and positive for all parties involved!

I have experience starting wild mustangs as well as lots of trail and endurance riding experience. So if you would like any help with your horse, please don't hesitate to contact me.