Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lucy Update - Extreme Mustang Makeover

Okay, Lucy is ready. She has her health certificate, she trailers, ponies, walks through water, swims, walks over tarps, does cavaletti, picks up her hooves, etc... she is ready to compete! Attached is a photo Logan took a week ago. The competition is August 15 at the Wild Horse and Burro Expo at the Reno Events Center.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Equine Ulcers

So what am I doing on my summer vacation??? Dealing with Equine Ulcers in Princess and Annie. I have learned a ton. A lot of horses (like 70%) have them, especially endurance/performance horses. Bottom line is that if you have a horse that is showing mild colic, attitude, weight loss, not eating well, and stress, they probably have ulcers. Omeprazole (Gastrogard/Ulcergard) is the best way to treat the ulcers. I have been doing a Maalox/bellysoother type treatment for years, but I am to the point that I have to do the full dose of Omeprazole for 28 days on both horses. The bad news - it is anywhere between $35-$45 a DAY per HORSE to treat. Hmmm.... you can see my hesitation and my willingness to look for alternatives. I found an alternative - generic omeprazole - 3 dose syringe for $9.75 a tube. Oh my goodness. You need a perscription from your vet, or they can call and ask. - it is a realible phamacy in Bakersfield, CA. So far after a week of treatment, the appetites are up and the stress levels are down. I would like to treat Feather next, or at least do the 1/4 dose treatment before we go camping. She is not showing too many symptoms, but she does yawn a lot and make funny faces with her mouth, which could be a sign of belly discomfort and ulcers.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

The Gold Country ride was canceled due to poor air quality. The smoke in the air is horrible. Hard on the horses and dogs, not to mention people. We loaded up Princess and Annie and 2 dogs - Pacman and Zelda, and headed upcountry to Tells Creek and camped for the weekend. The air quality was so much better up there, only Friday morning was it a bit smokey, otherwise, it was clear. We took a ride to Shadow Lake on Friday, then went into the Desolation Wilderness on Saturday up the Red Peak Stock Trail to Lake Number 3, 5, Lost Lake, Barnett Lake, and then down the Two Peaks Trail. Stuart and Gary joined us for that day ride. There were quite a few trees down, we were definitely the first horses up there this year. Thanks to Gary, Stuart, and Logan, horses can now get up into the Wilderness.

Then Sunday, Britt joined us for a ride to the 1942 Air Plane crash. I can't remember what kind of a plan it was, but it had something to do with WWII. And it cashed out in the Wilderness, and still remains there today. Then we rode the Bassi Creek Loop back to camp and headed home. We hated leaving as we were heading into really smokey air at home.

As for boots, Logan rode in the Renegades all weekend with no problems at all. The first day, I rode in Renegades, no problems. Then I used Epics on day 2 and 3. On day 2, I vet wrapped under the Epics to prevent rubbing. This worked okay, but the buckles kept opening up on all of the rough rocks. Then Day 3, I used duct tape under the Epics to prevent rubbing. I liked this better than the vet wrap since it didn't bunch up. But the buckles kept coming up again. If I used the cotter pins, maybe that would help. Or Renegades, they didn't have a problem... and they fit well.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gold Country 30

Logan and Annie, Princess and I will be at the Gold Country ride this weekend. I will be sponsoring a junior rider, Lexi Hall. Just doing the 30 miler. The trail is a little different this year, so I am looking forward to it. We'll be going down to Traverse Creek, and doing the Enchanted Forest. Not sure what I am doing yet for hoof protection, but my gut says that I am foaming on Easyboots. Princess just rubs like mad on the gators, but maybe I'll wrap her with vet wrap and duct tape. Hmm. These are the things I ponder at night.

Successful Booting Clinic

Sunday was another successful booting clinic here at my farm in Greenwood. We had 4 students of the PHCP ( from all over California, and one student from Maui, HI. They learned the Pros/Cons to each of the boots on the market, learned how to properly size and fit the boots, when to choose each brand of boot, and how to modify them. In the afternoon, they got a lab section where they had to fit each of my 4 horses properly in boots based on specific scenarios - like Princess pretended to have navicular, and Luigi pretended to be a reiner that goes on the trail occasionally, etc. It was fun, nice to have such great people out. I am so jazzed that there are more barefoot trimmers getting certified! This is so great for the horses.

Extreme Mustang Makeover - Lucy Update

We are about half way through the Extreme Mustang Makeover, and Lucy is doing fantastic! She lives in a big pasture, gets haltered, lead, hooves picked out, fly mask on/off daily. Lucy has been all over the trails, she is a very confident trail horse. She swims at Greenwood Lake, rolls in the water, plays with it. She walks through creeks, over downed trees, through brush, no worries. I am confident that she will make someone a very nice horse. And if she doesn't get adopted, I don't mind one bit keeping her for my own.

A Break....

I am starting my one month break today.... my back feels better already. I will be going to Yoga everyday, getting massages and going to the chiropractor and acupuncturist. Want to be healthy when I start trimming again in August. I will be in and out of town all month, going to some endurance rides, like Gold Country this weekend, and doing the Tahoe Rim Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. I'll keep you updated on my adventures!