Sunday, November 22, 2009

Booting and Shoe Removal Clinic

Holding a Booting and Shoe Removal Clinic on Monday December 7 from 9 to 5 in Greenwood, CA. Cost is $175 and is a requirement for the PHCP training program. We have more space available for attendees.....


Looking for a Well Behaved Demo Horse


-Free Shoe Removal
-Free Set-Up Barefoot Trim
-Free Boot Fitting

I will be teaching a clinic on shoe removal and boot fitting and I
need a well behaved demo horse.

Monday, December 7 around 10am - must be located on Divide or able to
trailer to Cool, Cronin, or Greenwood.

This is a good opportunity to try barefoot for the winter... or forever :-)

Please let me know if you have a good horse for this clinic!! Either
2 shoes or 4, doesn't matter.

Contact Tracy Browne at or 530-885-5847.