Monday, March 31, 2008

Boot Fitting And Shoe Removal Clinic

The clinic was a success! We had 6 people from the PHCP - Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners - out to the ranch to learn about correctly pulling shoes, why to boot horses, what hoof boots are on the market, advantages, disadvantages, comfort pads, customization, repairs, foaming, equithaning, etc. We discussed most all the major brands on the market, including the Easycare boots, Renegades, Simple Boots/Deltas, Soft Rides, etc. I had a diverse audience from someone who had not put a boot on a horse's hoof to advanced trimmers that boot horses daily. It looked like some people went home overwhelmed while others were satisfied. All in all, a great day!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Luigi and Princess

An update on my other horses - Luigi has turned into a star on the trail. He is truly a champ and loves to go on rides. Logan rides him now. This weekend was his first long trail ride with Logan. He crossed a bridge and did a few very difficult water crossings without batting an eye lash, or breaking a sweat. We are really looking forward to him!! And he is not officially 4 yet... He wants to be the horse that gets chosen, I still think we have to be careful with how much we ride him because of his age.

Princess is my 21 year old broodmare - but no longer! For the past month, I have been riding her regularly. She had a fantatic walk, and a steady, confident trot on the trail. She has go! And is sound, and likes trail riding. So I have signed her up for the American River 30 next month. I trust her and feel very safe on her, even though she had a lot of go. I know she is older, but she is sounds, so I figure I'll ride her as long as she is feeling good and wants me to ride.

Boots Rubbing

If you even experience boot rubbing on the Epics or any Easycare product, put duct tape over the area on the boot. I actually like to put about 3 layers of duct tape. For example, some folks get rubbing on the front of the hoof by the dog bone connector. Cover that area with duct tape inside the boot. That should help!

Renegades are Open for Ordering

The Renegades can now be purchased by consumers online at

However, you should work with your natural hoof trimmer to make sure the fit is good, the boot is adjusted correctly, and the trim is natural.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jaime Jackson's New Video

Jaime Jackson just released video of his visit to Palomino Valley four days after they gathered a herd of horses in the winter time. He showed film of what the hooves look like on 3 horses. They put the horses in a stock that flipped over and the video camera was able to get really close to each hoof. The measured the hooves underneath and from the top. It is so interesting to see how the horse's hooves adapt for the winter environment versus the summer - there was more of a rim of hoof wall. The hoof capsules where very short, under 3" of length from the hairline. Frogs still looked hard and caloused, even with the wetter weather. I love seeing what horses can do with their feet, if given enough space to move and a natural diet and lifestyle. The hooves were gorgeous. If you have a chance, check it out on Jaime's web site

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bummer Weather

Logan and I were so looking forward to going to the Rides of March in Reno this weekend, but the weather is yucky. There will be snow over Donner Pass, and we are not going to take the risk with the horse trailer. So we will stay home. I was looking forward to this ride because it is in a new location where wild horses and antelope winter. Apparently there are beautiful meadows, plenty of water, and no motor vehicles are allowed inside the area. Sounds lovely, especially for a desert ride. Next ride for us - the Nevada Derby first of April.

New Gaiter Extender

The new gaiters from Easycare with the elastic are fantastic, the only problem is they are a little less stretchy than the old ones, still the same size. On most horses, it is not an issue, but on the bigger boned horses, like mustangs (ie Feather) and QHs, the velcro doesn't quite reach. So my good buddy Stuart Porter came to the rescue yet again. He devised a Gaiter Extender. He got 1.5" velcro (loop one side, hook the other side) and cut a 6" strip. Then he folded it in half - the harder stiffer side facing, and stitched it along the fold for stability. Then you are left with a perfect gaiter extender.

I believe Easycare is busy at work correcting this problem trying to find a material that is stretchier yet still strong. I did get new gaiters in the mail that were longer and work much better - thank you very much!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Booting and Shoe Removal Clinic

I am offering a Booting and Shoe Removal Clinic for the PHCP - Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners - on March 30th at my house in Greenwood, CA. The cost is $175 for the day. The following is the outline of what we will be covering. This is geared towards professionals, but if you would like to learn more, and there are spots available, please come.

9:00 – 9:30 Introductions, coffee, breakfast, etc
9:30 – Why boots? In what situations? Without specific boot types yet.
10:00 – Shoe Removal Video and showing the technique – the “Secret”
10:30 – Specific Hoof boots
Show the boot
Pass it around
Which hoof shape
When to use it
What type of riding
How to fit it
Boots Covered – Epics, Bares, Boas, Renegades, Simple Boots, Old Macs Original and G2, Delta Boots, Swiss, EasySoakers, Easyboots and Soft Rides
12:30 - 1:30 Lunch – bring your own or go out
1:30 – Padding system
Thick Pads, Thin Pad, Dome Pads, Comfort Pad System, Shocktamers, Equithane, Gel Pads
How to use them, in what situations
2:15 – Easy Foam and Equithane info
When to do it
2:45 – Out to the Horses
Demo on showing how to foam on a boot
3:00 – Pull out all of the boots and put them on the horses
Find which boot fits each horse the best
4:30 – Wrap up and discussion