Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bryce Canyon

Feather and I completed 200 miles in 4 days at Bryce this past week. She was amazing and stronger than ever. We foamed on Easyboots and those worked okay, but 2 days we had a lot of rain and muddy trails, and those Easyboots were so slippery all over the trail I almost pulled them off and had her go barefoot, but I didn't. I misplaced my camera, so I don't have any photos, but I am waiting for friends to share their photos with me. These trails were some of the best in the world, I am certain. The views were out of this world, the trails, although rocky, were awesome to move out on, and the aspen trees were just magical. Totally worth the 2 day trip to Southern Utah, and I will do it again. On the way there, we overnighted at the fairgrounds in Ely, NV, and met a really nice local man who was the caretaker of the fairgrounds. He told me all about Ely. Then on the way back, we overnighted at a well maintained fairgrounds with big pens for the horses in Eureka, NV. My saddle worked fine, it is the Bob Marshall. One day my horse had a sore back, but it was because I had packs on the saddle that made it off balance to the right, so I had to compensate to the left, and I felt off balanced the whole day. Feather was a bit sore, but Crockett Dumas's Holy Water took out any soreness and the next day we were good as new. I'll post photos when I get some.


readytoride said...

Hi Tracy - glad you had a good time at Bryce. I sure missed being there! I posted results from the ride in my new blog: There is also a link to photos, if you'd like one from a previous year for your blog you are welcome to use it. The scenery is gorgeous! Karen

Carla said...

Off topic comment:
Hi Tracy,
Just wanted to let you know about a clinic I'm hosting in Clovis (just east of Fresno in the foothills). It's with Leslie Desmond who co-wrote the book "True Horsemanship through Feel" with Bill Dorrence.

The clinic is 4 days Nov. 6 - 9. For details go to and click on Clinics 2008 > Clovis.