Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Picayune Valley, Granite Chief Wilderness

We took a hike to the Granite Chief Wilderness and hiked through the Picayune Valley. This valley was unbelievably beautiful, quiet, and we think a great place to ride and camp. We took the dogs PacMan, Zelda, and Smokey Mocha (this was his first ever trip to a wilderness). Round trip we walked about 14 miles. The Aspen trees were spectacular and were just starting to have their leaves change gold for autumn. The trail we walked on followed the American River, so there was plenty of water for people and animals. Apparently there are petroglyps out there, but I was not able to find them. Bummer. The trip was an easy drive up past French Meadows Reservior and we parked at the Talbot Campgrounds. They have plenty of trailer parking for horses. Only downside is that it would be hard to make a "loop" ride here, it is basically just an out and back.

Here are the photos of the Granite Chief Wilderness.

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