Monday, January 26, 2009

Slowly Getting Back To Trimming

I am slowly starting to trim again. I am trying to stick to one or two horses a day. That seems to be comfortable for my back. I am also fitting hoof boots for non-trimming customers now. I carry all of the Easycare boots and Renegades and some of the Cavallos/Delta boots. Also I am consulting on horse's whose owners do their own trimming or if you are thinking about going barefoot but not sure.... Email me if I can help you out!

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Jordan said...

I have been trimming my own horse for 10 years now. usually no problems, but recently i have been trying to follow some of the pete ramey methods, most of which work, but i did manage to trim her hoof down a little much and am trying to let her hoof grow back, so i am using boots on the trail. i just bought the easyboots. her hoof is a little more narrow than it is long and i am trying to make the boots fit so they dont fall off. i have ordered easyfoam and am planning on using it when it gets here. do you have any suggestions for the meantime? do you have any other tricks to keep these boots on, or any other advice in general.