Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Equine Dentist Coming

Todd Jaynes is coming on May 16 to balance my horses teeth using the Natural Balance Dentistry method for horses started by Spencer LaFlure. To read more about this natural approach to equine dentistry, click here.

Advanced Whole Horse dentistry: http://www.advancedwholehorse.com

If you are interested in bringing your horse to this clinic, send me an email at tracy@hoofhelp.com. It costs $150. No power tools used (burns the enamel of the tooth) and no sedation required for your horse.

Todd worked on my horses last year and did a fantastic job! I have also had his teacher, Spencer LaFlure, work on my horses too. The idea is that they balance the front incisors to create a circular eating motion for the horse, rather than an oval. This then effects the proper TMJ joint movement, and the overall balance of the horse. This isn't just a "float" that files down the pointed edges of the molars, although that will be done if there are sharp points. This is a balancing of the overall horse's mouth which leads to better body carriage.

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