Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pea Gravel

I spent the weekend adding 4 inches of pea gravel to my horses' shelter. We did an area 48' x 8' with 4 inches. It took 3 yards, and a lot of shoveling. The horses love it, their feet sink in nicely, and I know they are getting a wonderful hoof massage on every step. The manure is easy to clean, the pea gravel falls through the fork, like big kitty litter. Actually, pea gravel is very therapeutic for a barefoot horse, especially horses suffering from founder or navicular. It helps the blood perfusability in the hoof, as does comfort pads. Here is a link on an article on the Easycare web site : http://www.easycareinc.com/Education/articles/pad_effect.aspx .


Randy said...

I have a client that is using pea gravel for their recently founderd draft horse cross, and he is doing wonderfully. It really works

Tracy Browne said...

And it is inexpensive - the horses really like it. Pretty easy to put in, just make sure you put down the landscape material underneath and frame in the area. It is like a hoof massage. It is staying very clean, much tidier than shavings or straw. It cleans like kitty litter, and the urine just runs out through the landscape material.