Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mustang Adoption

The Warm Springs Correctional Facility in Carson City, NV held an adoption yesterday for prisoner trained mustangs and Logan and I attended. The program takes wild horses and matches them with a prisoner for 4 months. The prisoners work with the horses 5 days a week, 6 hours a day. These mustangs get a fantastic foundation - they are broke and trustworthy. The horses were so well trained - sidepass, back up, walk trot canter, flags, double riding, bareback, bridleless, riders standing in the saddle, crawling under their bodies. The horses were awesome with all the people and commotion.... I was so impressed and I highly recommend them for any type of rider. There were big horses, little horses, quarter horse type, hunter type, endurance horses, colored and plain horses, a horse for everyone. The sad part was that there were not enough buyers, some horses went for $200!!! The highest horse (a black quarter horse type) went for $2300. The average price was about $1000, but a lot were around $600. You can't get a month of training for what a new horse with 4 months of training went for. To read more about this program, The next adoption is in June, and if you are at all considering adding a horse to your collection, go to this adoption and just see what kinds of horses are there. A lady from LA came with her trailer to get an endurance horse. She got a really nice one for $800. I hope to see her at the Tejon ride in September with him. Great hooves on all the mustangs, and ready to hit the trail.

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