Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Luigi and Princess

An update on my other horses - Luigi has turned into a star on the trail. He is truly a champ and loves to go on rides. Logan rides him now. This weekend was his first long trail ride with Logan. He crossed a bridge and did a few very difficult water crossings without batting an eye lash, or breaking a sweat. We are really looking forward to him!! And he is not officially 4 yet... He wants to be the horse that gets chosen, I still think we have to be careful with how much we ride him because of his age.

Princess is my 21 year old broodmare - but no longer! For the past month, I have been riding her regularly. She had a fantatic walk, and a steady, confident trot on the trail. She has go! And is sound, and likes trail riding. So I have signed her up for the American River 30 next month. I trust her and feel very safe on her, even though she had a lot of go. I know she is older, but she is sounds, so I figure I'll ride her as long as she is feeling good and wants me to ride.

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