Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jaime Jackson's New Video

Jaime Jackson just released video of his visit to Palomino Valley four days after they gathered a herd of horses in the winter time. He showed film of what the hooves look like on 3 horses. They put the horses in a stock that flipped over and the video camera was able to get really close to each hoof. The measured the hooves underneath and from the top. It is so interesting to see how the horse's hooves adapt for the winter environment versus the summer - there was more of a rim of hoof wall. The hoof capsules where very short, under 3" of length from the hairline. Frogs still looked hard and caloused, even with the wetter weather. I love seeing what horses can do with their feet, if given enough space to move and a natural diet and lifestyle. The hooves were gorgeous. If you have a chance, check it out on Jaime's web site

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