Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

The Gold Country ride was canceled due to poor air quality. The smoke in the air is horrible. Hard on the horses and dogs, not to mention people. We loaded up Princess and Annie and 2 dogs - Pacman and Zelda, and headed upcountry to Tells Creek and camped for the weekend. The air quality was so much better up there, only Friday morning was it a bit smokey, otherwise, it was clear. We took a ride to Shadow Lake on Friday, then went into the Desolation Wilderness on Saturday up the Red Peak Stock Trail to Lake Number 3, 5, Lost Lake, Barnett Lake, and then down the Two Peaks Trail. Stuart and Gary joined us for that day ride. There were quite a few trees down, we were definitely the first horses up there this year. Thanks to Gary, Stuart, and Logan, horses can now get up into the Wilderness.

Then Sunday, Britt joined us for a ride to the 1942 Air Plane crash. I can't remember what kind of a plan it was, but it had something to do with WWII. And it cashed out in the Wilderness, and still remains there today. Then we rode the Bassi Creek Loop back to camp and headed home. We hated leaving as we were heading into really smokey air at home.

As for boots, Logan rode in the Renegades all weekend with no problems at all. The first day, I rode in Renegades, no problems. Then I used Epics on day 2 and 3. On day 2, I vet wrapped under the Epics to prevent rubbing. This worked okay, but the buckles kept opening up on all of the rough rocks. Then Day 3, I used duct tape under the Epics to prevent rubbing. I liked this better than the vet wrap since it didn't bunch up. But the buckles kept coming up again. If I used the cotter pins, maybe that would help. Or Renegades, they didn't have a problem... and they fit well.



Carla said...

When are the Renegades preferred over the Easyboot Epics?

Seems like from your post that the Renegades out performed the Epics.

Thanks, Carla

Tracy Browne said...

It depends on the fit of the boots and the shape of the hoof. If a horse "needs" a pad, then definitely go with the Epics. If the Epics rub, then go with the Renegades. For hind hooves, I recommend Epics or, preferably, Bares. The Renegades are really easy to put on, for the casual trail rider or an arthritic person, I recommend the Renegades. The Renegades have great traction too, but they come in limited sizes, and are hard to fit on big-boned horses. I love them for Arabians for sure! They seems to fit perfectly every time. I struggle with the fit on bigger boned horses.

Any horse that is sensitive and prone to rubbing, go with the Renegades.

Also depends on mileage. The Renegades last about 500 miles and the Epics will go about 1000 miles or more.

Your horse will tell you. Many people own both the Renegades and Epics/Bares and switch them out. Both the horses and riders have a preference, but it is usually based on fit - which boot fits the best.

Best to work with an experience boot fitter to identify what boot is best for your horse.