Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Successful Booting Clinic

Sunday was another successful booting clinic here at my farm in Greenwood. We had 4 students of the PHCP (www.pacifichoofcare.org) from all over California, and one student from Maui, HI. They learned the Pros/Cons to each of the boots on the market, learned how to properly size and fit the boots, when to choose each brand of boot, and how to modify them. In the afternoon, they got a lab section where they had to fit each of my 4 horses properly in boots based on specific scenarios - like Princess pretended to have navicular, and Luigi pretended to be a reiner that goes on the trail occasionally, etc. It was fun, nice to have such great people out. I am so jazzed that there are more barefoot trimmers getting certified! This is so great for the horses.

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ZTIG said...

When is your next booting clinic? I am in the process of learning to trim and hope to start taking clients in the next six months. Before then I would like to attend one of your booting clinics.