Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Easyboots and Foaming

The foaming worked great! I foamed on 2 Easyboots in the front, 2 Bares without the Gators in the back on both Annie and Feather. It took about 1 hour to put them on, they stayed on for 5 days until we pulled them off. I followed all of Karen Chaton's directions on how to foam correctly. Pulling them off was tough, that goodness I have Logan. We did find a trick - loosen the foam with a flat head screw driver, then spray Pam all inside the boot. Put your horse back in the pasture for a day.... then pry off the boot. The foam peeled out nicely with the addition of the Pam.

The boots were so slippery in the wet mud, there was no traction at all. I wish I had my Easyboot Grips, the boots that have a very aggressive tread pattern for mud. But I left those at home. I wasn't expecting rain. Grips are going in my trailer for whenever I might need them.

I thought Feather moved incredibly well with the foamed on boots - there was nothing above her hair line, nothing around her heel bulbs, just a really tight fitting boot on her foot. As a matter of fact, I think she moved out the best she ever had. She doesn't like gators.

I would like to try the foaming with a Renegade bottom. I talked to Kirt and he said he used to Equithane on a base and that it worked fabulous. I think foaming is the way to go for sure for a multiday!


Sarita said...

Thanks for the report on the foaming! Did you leave the heel straps in the boots or cut them out? You said you might bring grips next time. Do you foam the boots on at the ride or at home? Thanks for sharing your experience!

Tracy Browne said...

I cut the heel straps out of all the boots, and cut the back of the boot down as well as the side walls. The reason I did that was because the boot hit my horse's hair line, and you want the hard part of the boot on the hard part of the hoof, no where near the hair line for rubbing purposes. I foamed the boots on at home, before the ride. The Grips could be foamed on too, but I think I'll keep them whole for now, and use them with the Gators when necessary. I also think I will scrutinize the weather forecast so that if there is a chance of rain, I will have the Grips ready to go.