Sunday, September 2, 2007

Equithane your Renegades

If you are experiencing any twisting at all on your Renegades, especially on hind feet or club feet, you may want to consider a custom fit using Equithane.

Equithane gun (like a caulking gun)
Equithane - I use Adhere in Beige
Denatured Alcohol
Sand Paper
Pam Cooking Spray - Any flavor will do
Paper towel

Clean your Renegades really good.
Rub the inside rim edge (anywhere you are going to Equithane) with the alcohol on the cotton.
Sandpaper that area or use a burr sandpaper tool on you air compressor.
Clean it again with the alcohol really good.
Spray your horse's hoof with Pam, top and underneath so it is saturated.
Blot off the excess with paper towels.
Use the Equithane gun to run a small bead of Equithane around the inside rim of the boot. Concentrate it in areas as necessary. (ie - if contracted heels, use more in the heel area)
Really quick, put the boot on the hoof. Make sure it is straight and well aligned. This sets up fast.
Stand the horse in the boot without moving if possible for at least 10 minutes.
Pop the boot off.
If you have much on the inside sole of the boot, pull that out or sand paper it off.
Voila, a custom fit boot!


Leslie said...

Can you tell me how to get in touch with the company that manufactures renegades? Our farrier sold us a pair, but now he is out of the country and can't be reached. We need to find out about getting a new velcro strip, and also need to purchase some additional boots.
Thanks so much.

Tracy Browne said...

Their web site is . I would try to find another natural hoof care professional in your area to see if they can help you. If you privately email me, I may be able to have kirt contact you directly.