Thursday, September 13, 2007

Savvy Conference 2007

That was quite an experience! Pagosa Springs has got to be one of my favorite places on this earth. I enjoyed the natural hot springs each night I was there, and came home feeling very relaxed. The Savvy Conference was interesting... they introduced a bitting program for your horse in cooperation with the Myler company. The Cradle bridle is supposed to deliver pressure at the poll, nose, bars, tongue, and side walls to help your horse respond better to pressure. I went ahead and purchased one to try on Annie in the arena. We'll see... I was not overly impressed with the performances of the horses at the conference that was wearing a cradle bridle. But I am definitely going to try it. They specifically said it was not for the trail, so I will not use it there. The Parelli's really went into detail with their new Horsanalities information.... Left Brain, Right Brain, Introvert, Extrovert... and how to deal with each. Very cool. I learned so much, many little things, and I am ready to start finishing up my Level 3. I have already taped a bunch of tasks since I got back.

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