Saturday, August 9, 2008

Epics v. Renegades

I had another question in email regarding Epics/Bares versus Renegades. This may be a topic I should avoid writing about, but I find myself going through this conversation every time I fit a horse for boots. So I thought I would write it up for your help in fitting boots.

It depends on the fit of the boots and the shape of the hoof. If a horse "needs" a pad (i.e. pathological hooves, laminitis, navicular, just out of shoes, bad thrush, etc.), then definitely go with the Epics/Bares. If the gaiter on the Epics/Bares rub, then go with the Renegades. For hind hooves, I recommend Epics or, preferably, Bares.

The Renegades are really easy to put on, for the casual trail rider or an arthritic person, I recommend the Renegades. The Renegades have great traction too, but they come in limited sizes, and I find are harder to fit on big-boned horses. I love them for Arabians for sure! They seem to fit perfectly every time. I struggle with the fit on bigger boned horses, or horses with pathological, flared hooves.

Any horse that is sensitive and prone to rubbing, go with the Renegades.

Also depends on mileage. The Renegades last about 500 miles and the Epics will go about 1000 miles or more.

Your horse will tell you. Many people own both the Renegades and Epics/Bares and switch them out. Both the horses and riders have a preference, but it is usually based on fit - which boot fits the best will affect the way your horse moves.

You have to put them on correctly as well. This is very important for any boot!!!

Best to work with an experience boot fitter to identify what boot is best for your horse and how to install the boot properly. Their experience is worth it because you will save a lot of time, money, and energy on fitting boots.

Just my experience .... what do I do for my own personal horses? I own both for each horse and it just depends what I am doing and where I am going. I have success with both brands. However, I do have 2 gaiter challenged horses that if I want to use Epics/Bares, I have to wrap them with duct tape or use a sock, and that leads to more labor, so I typically stick with the Renegades on those two sensitives girls.


Therese said...

I have the easyboots bare and both me and my horse loves them. No problem with rubbing and good traction in our part of the world (Sweden).
But I have been very interested in the renegades and have now finally bought pair. The only thing that caught my mind was, can you ride with comfort pads in them?

Tracy Browne said...

You can ride with thin pads inside the Renegades, but make sure you glue them down with strong glue. The manufacturer also has a pad that will work for the Renegades. The boot wasn't really designed for a thick padding system and it does change the fit of the boot and where it sits on the hoof.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,

I have renegades (which fit OK but not great on my horse) but was advised to ride with pads from my trimmer. I understand the reason for using pads, to avoid periferal loading on the hoof wall. If I ride in my renegades, am I going to do damage by loading only the hoof wall?

Also, if I glue a thin pad in the renegades, what type of glue would I use? Can I use a thinline pad?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!