Saturday, August 9, 2008

Proper Horse Nutrition

Pete Ramey has posted a new article on Equine Nutrition and how it affects the hoof.

After reading it, if you are wondering where to test your hay, go here to EquiAnalytical. Also, Dr. Kellon's Web Site is: . I am going to sign up for this online equine nutrition course, it sounds amazing.

Sally Hugg, a trimmer in the Orroville, CA area (Northern CA) has done a lot of testing of hay in Northern CA. They all come back with similar profiles - we are deficient in Selenium, Copper, and Zinc. She has created a custom mineral blend for horses in Northern CA called CA Trace Plus. I always carry bags of these minerals in the car with me. I also suggest adding a teaspoon of salt and CocaSoya Oil from Uckele (this provides Omega 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E). This works well mixed into Beet Pulp (no molasses), Timothy Pellets, or the Parelli Grain Mix (Barley 30%, Oats 30%, Wheat Bran 30%, Sunflower Seeds 10%)

Definitely take the time to read Pete Ramey's article - it will really help you sort through labels and what your horse needs. Even though you may be feeding a multivitamin, your horse may still be deficient in some minerals and getting too much of other minerals.

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Carla said...

Thanks for posting this information. I joined Dr. Kellon's list and have really learned a lot that has helped my "easy keeper."