Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finalist - Extreme Mustang Makeover

Lucy and I were finalists in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Actually, we were in second place going in to the Freestyle Finals, and I didn't have a very good freestyle class planned, so we ended up in fifth place. Other routines included leaf blowers, pedestals, bull whips, swimming intertubes, etc. We did the best we could considering this was the first time in an arena for her! Each yearling there was absolutely amazing - each one was so well gentled and trained. You could have ridden each horse there had they been 3 year olds. As a matter of fact, most horses carried a saddle or bareback pad in the finals, and a few yearlings were carrying children on their back throughout the weekend. Each yearling was wild 90 days ago, and they all looked like seasoned competitors there. I was blown away. We were scored on body condition, muscling/coat condition, manners, and then a trail course in hand. I hadn't practised trotting in hand with her head next to my shoulder, so we learned this the night before. SHe did fantastic in the trail course in hand, loaded in to the trailer like a champ, backed, and went over the trotting poles beautifully. We fudged the trotting of a serpentine in hand.... and fudged it again in the freestyle.... We'll work on that!

The only problem was, for the adoption, it was a silent auction and then a live auction to close the bids on the horses, and there were only 3 adopters!! The winners didn't even get adopted! Most trainers took home their horses, like me, but a lot of horses went back to Palomino Valley. That was so, so sad, especially for the youth whose parents wouldn't let them keep their horses. We all did this to help promote the mustangs and place them in good adoptive homes, already gentled, but there was no one that wanted these babies. What a shame. It must be the economy and the price of hay. I lucked out and got a beautiful, athletic filly out of the deal, but I didn't really need a 5th horse.

I have to thank all of my helpers at the show - my clients Kelly (who let me borrow her beautiful show clothes) and Tamara, my friend Leslie and her neighbors, and then my other friend Shannon who helped me groom Lucy and clipped her mane up beautifully! And Trina who let me borrow her hat and show shirt. Thank you THank you Thank yoU!!!

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