Friday, August 3, 2007

Improve your boot traction!

My horse Feather uses Easycare's Bare boots. The underside looks more natural with a hoof wall and a frog. I have found these boots to be a bit slick in wet conditions. My handy friend Stuart Porter again came up with a work around - cut some traction lines into the bottom with a grinder. It works great! I love the increased tread without having too much.


Marta said...


i saw the 'traction lines' you cut into the sole of your boot. i'm wondering if you had a chance to try them yet and how they work?

i've had my front bares for over a year now and lately they've gotten v. slippery although the original 'trenches' are still there.

i was thinking of rasping the bottoms of the boot but your idea looks a lot better.


Tracy Browne said...

Yes, I love this traction system... it is the only way to go, seems the Bare boot is slippery and gets slippery-er as they get older. I would highly recommend this. Just takes a few minutes with a grinder. This even works great in the winter time, not as much bite as the Grips, but these can be used on all surfaces without worry of over-tractioning your horse's hooves and risking shoulder injury.

Marta said...


i just wanted to let you know that i put your traction system on my bares this weekend and did a test ride in them on sunday. i saw marked difference! thank you!!!