Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Robinson Flat Camping

We had such a wonderful time at Robinson Flat! I was blown away with the history of the area - used to be a forest guard station and many of the original buildings still exist. The trails were very nicely manicured, and there was a trail for every kind of rider that offer spectacular views of the Sierras. Our first night, we took a stroll up to Duncan Overlook, which sits on top of a high peak, looking for fires I think. 360 views, amazing! The next day, we rode to Last Chance, an old mining town that used to be a Toll Trail for the miners. We rode on a trail that went around Pucker Point, wow, this was one shear drop off into the American River if you weren't careful! Narrow trail, 2000' drop off... No room for mistakes! That was about a 30 mile round trip day, very little water and food on the trail, but Feather did find all the grass that she could. Next day, we rode up to the Red Star Ridge vet check on the road that leaves Robinson to the North East. Nice views of some hydraulic mine sites. What I liked about the trails was the variety. Single track, logging roads, dirt, rock, etc. The history and the views were spectacular! I will upload some photos when my computer recognizes my camera... why is technology still so complicated????

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