Thursday, November 8, 2007

Musher's Secret

I was tipped on to a great product called Musher's Secret. It is a wax for dog paws and horse hooves to keep snow from balling up.... turns out, it works great underneath Epics and Bares to prevent chafing and rubbing, especially on the heel bulb area and on the sizes of the hoof wall. You know the chafing I am talking about if you use Epics. I tried it out today, and no rubbing at all. Just a little wax on the back of the hooves and on the side of the hoof wall. I went through lots of water and rode relatively fast for about 10 miles or so. I am impressed, I will continue to use this on Feather in her Bares with Up Buckles. There is also something on the label that says it works on hooves for 40 miles... I am not sure if it acts like a protectant or if it just keeps snow, or possibly mud, from balling up in the hoof when you are barefoot. I'll play with that later. Musher's Secret can be bought at

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