Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The Pete Ramey clinic really helped me realize how nasty thrush is. It will prevent the horses from landing correctly heel first and will through their landing forward on the toe. Not good for the internal structures of the hoof!! Do not rest until you have rid your horse's hooves of thrush. Once a healthy hoof is established and your horse is landing heel first, and has plenty of movement and a good natural diet, the thrush should not come back. Keep treating the central sulcus until it is closed up and there is no slit to get the syringe into.

The best cures for thrush:

1. 50% Neosporin and 50% Athlete's Foot Creme mixed in a 60cc Syringe - squirt the central sulcus. **** this is the quickest and most effective ****
2. White Lightening soak
3. Clean Trax soak
4. Lysol All Purpose spray
5. Dynamite Trace Minerals
6. 50% water, 50% Apple Cider Vinegar, a few drops of Tea Tree Oil
7. Usnea
8. Tea Tree Oil

Avoid commercial thrush remedies that destroy and dehydrate tissues.

Don't rest until you have beaten thrush - it makes the horses very ouchy and changes their correct locomotion.


Beth Durrer said...

I was told that the triple antibiotic cream Athlete's foot cream mixture would affect the bacteria in the hindgut and cause diarrhea. I have never read anything about this - I only apply the mixture topically to the sulcus. Any comments?

Tracy Browne said...

You would not give this orally, just squirt a very tiny bit into the crack in the central sulcus, there is no way it will get to the hindgut and cause diarrhea. Just just a pea size amount (or just enough to fill the crack). It has been working very well, Pete Ramey has been using it for a while on his customer's horses, and it is actually clearing up bad thrush infections. I have yet to see a horse lick the bottom of his hoof, so I don't think there is a concern for the horse ingesting this. I have only seen excellent results with this thrush treatment.