Sunday, April 20, 2008

Boots Too Small

I have been checking every horse's boot fit. I have noticed quite a few horses that OUT GREW their boots!! Their heel areas have opened up, de-contracted, and the digital cushion has increased in size! This is great news for the horses. Only problem - boots are too small on these horses and their owners have to get a new set of boots. This seems to be happening in horses that are under 1 year out of shoes. Please don't try to scrunch your horse's hoof into the boots - I just saw a really bad heel bruise and rub the other day that was ugly. In some cases, I am taking back the smaller set of boots for credit towards a new set - if the boots have been used very lightly and I think I can resell them. If the tread is worn down, I am not taking them back, best to keep them for hind hooves, or sell them used on eBay. Whenever I sell boots after a shoe pull off, I will tell everyone that your horse may outgrow these boots in the next year, and be prepared for that.


Karen Chaton said...

Hi Tracy - keep in mind that many horses need to go down a size; especially endurance horses that are new to barefoot. I had to do that with my own horse Chief, and so have many others. One TE member just pointed out to me that a horse went from a size 3 to a size 1 due to the prevous 'farrier' allowing for flares - everybody should keep an open mind, things work both says and there is no one right way. Karen

Carla said...

Hi Tracy
I've noticed that Easyboot is offering 50% off for new Epics if old boots are returned in any condition.

Tracy Browne said...


You are right - I have seen the same exact thing happen - flares so big that eventually, you go down in size! Good thing Easycare is offering at 50% discount for upgrades. A good fitting boot is so important.