Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stumpy Meadows

Feather, Annie, Logan, myself, Stuart Porter, and Gary McFall took an interesting ride up to the Stumpy Meadows area today and rode mostly on Sierra Pacific and Forest Service land. It was another fast 20 miles. We tried to make a loop, but the snow pack on the north facing slopes kept us from crossing, so it was just a out and back along the south side of Stumpy Meadows and then the ridge line and into Pilot Creek. The trail was amazing - beautiful footing on forest roads that don't get any traffic. We were moving. The GPS said our high speed was 30 miles an hour. Wow. We followed the original Wentworth Springs Road before the dam and the lake were there, and got to cross the original bridge from the 1930s that took cars over Pilot Creek. Lots of snow, the horses loved to play, roll, and eat it. I did the ride barefoot on Feather, Logan used front Renegades, and Stuart used Bares all round. No boot problems. We parked on the side of Wentworth Springs Road because there is not a good staging area, but it was fine, the horses did fine. We got ready quickly, but we ended up having lunch on the side of the road and only saw a handful of cars. We'll have to go back in about 2-3 more weeks once the snow has melted to finish up the loop. The cool thing is that I really got a full tour of the water supply up on the Georgetown Divide - it starts in Pilot Creek, holds in Stumpy Meadows, and from there it enters an irrigation ditch (I got to see this last week out at the Donaldson area) that takes it into Georgetown via Lake Watson, and then into Greenwood Lake, right by my house, and into ALT.

Photos of the day - Click here

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