Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New People Shoes

So I noticed that my shoes have worn out - the inside support was very worn, forcing my feet to pronate a bit.... maybe that is why my back and my arches have been sore? I usually wear my Keens all day long, and I have had this pair for gosh, almost a year??? So I started doing some research on the internet, trying to figure out what brand would be best for me- maybe a pair for riding, and another for working? I was not sure. REI suggests Keens, then the shoe store in Auburn showed me New Balance, I wasn't sure about insoles, confusion! I wanted logic. I went to the Auburn Running Store, not sure if they would be able to help me, because I am not really a runner. I was blown away. First, I told him what I do and that I would prefer 1 shoe all day, no switching. He agreed that would be okay. Rather than pull out a specific brand to show me, he did a gait analysis on me!!! He first looked at my arches, then the width, then watched me walk, then took me outside to watch me trot, I mean run.... and he came back with a pair of shoes that are perfect for me based on the way my foot is designed and the way I move. I was so impressed! Hopefully my back will be less sore and I will have increased endurance with my new Vasque running shoes. I need to replace them every 6 months. Oh, insoles are needed only if these shoes don't fit me well.

I really recommend the Auburn Running Store if you are in need of a good shoe for yourself. Their information was awesome, and I have never had that kind of analysis done on me before.

During my information search, I came accross shoes called MBT - Masai Barefoot Technology. Helps your posture and less muscle fatigue. I might try these some day, but they are very expensive.

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Gene said...

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