Monday, April 7, 2008

Horse Coaching

I have started to coach horse owners on how to improve their "horse-human relationship". I am not calling this horse training, or "lessons", but how to strengthen the bond between you and your horse. How to increase your communication with your horse and how to build your own confidence and leadership working with your horse. We won't be talking about "heels down" or "half halts", but rather, how to get you back in the saddle in a confident manner, where you know your horse's personality, and you know how to deal with the "horse that shows up". Please contact me if you are interested - I will come to your place - I want to make sure that the horse's needs are satisfied before we demand anything of them - for example, social play (turnout with other horses) is so important for horses, otherwise, they might look to the human for rough horse-play instead of a buddy horse.

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